XANHARU, el camino

By Rich Alvarez

  • My Experience

This project has the intention to travel arrround the most distant and unreachable places in America, finding and shering the traditional local medicine that still uses most of the indigenous far away from cities.

The trip is made in different periods of the year, and we use 650cc motorcycles to do it.

XANHARU means "the way" or "the path" in purepecha language, and itÅ› an invitation to discover the several different paths that many people uses in America to assure health.

We are looking for sponsors so in each location could be able to deliver what the community needs more, not in money but in species or recosurces.

Additional Info:

Trip Duration: 2-3 Days
Country: Mexico
When: January 2011
Travel Provider: Take-Pride-in-America
Volunteer Experience Type: Health and Medical
Organization: XNAHARU, el camino

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