Starting a new organisation

By Olivia Faulkner

  • My Experience

I first went out to Tanzania in 2009, where i met a remarkable local man, passionte about helping his country. Since our first meeting he has been registering his new volunteer charity. Two years later it is finally complete. I am going out in July to start the first project; a new nursery school for orphans. Soon we will have set up the volunteer house and be able to run the volunteer programme. It is only the beginning and in a few days I will update this profile with more detail and photos. For the time being if anyone has any advice on setting up a volunteer organisation, I would be very grateful for your advice, hints and insights.
Thank you.

Additional Info:

Trip Duration: Over One Month
Country: Tanzania
When: March 2009
Travel Provider: Other
Volunteer Experience Type: Human Services / Education

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