Cambodia Rediscovered - A brief description

By Amit Parikh

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After our initial introduction and sightseeing of the amazing Angkor Wat Temples on the first day, we were thrown straight into the deep end at the English school at the local Buddhist Association. To be honest this had to be the scariest part of the whole trip, as we were literally introduced to a class of about 25 teenage kids who knew very little English and were told, by the teacher “good luck I’ll see you in a week”. But after a day or so we managed to form a really good bond with the students and actually had a lot of fun together.

Everyday we would visit an orphanage. This was quite an extraordinary place. They had very little money but managed to provide the children with all the necessities they needed. Many of them were there by choice and although had the option to return home wanted to say in the orphanage as they had a better chance at life.
We got on really well with the kids here so we chose to spend as much of our time here as we could. We took with us some books, games, and coloring materials. Basic things that the orphanage could not afford to spend money on. We even spent one day helping to cook for the 30 children. A simple chicken and rice dish was considered a treat for them all and cost us less then $50

In between teaching English and spending time at the orphanage we took part in building some wheelchairs and helping to repair a village school.
We met some people who had been injured by landmines and we gave these wheelchairs to them. These were some amazing people who despite some really terrible injuries were still able to have a smile on their face.
We also spent some time helping to make repairs to a village school, which survived on just $30 a month from the government.

Additional Info:

Trip Duration: One Week
Country: Cambodia
When: December 2007
Travel Provider: GlobeAware
Volunteer Experience Type: Human Services / Education
Organization: Cambodia Rediscovered

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