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Volunteering at Indonesian Street Children Organization (ISCO)

By Ken To

An Inspiring Experience

My time volunteering at the Indonesian Street Children Organization, or ISCO, in Medan, Indonesia, was fun and fruitful, albeit a short period of time. During the two weeks, I had an enjoyable time teaching English classes to children of different ages, from kindergarten, elementary school, to high school levels, at ISCO’s activity centre in the Polonia district, which is situated right next to Medan’s international airport.

A “Slum” Adjoining the Airport

Danielle in Tanzania

By Danielle Alling

I'm spending two years teaching physics and mathematics at a secondary school in a small village outside of Karatu. The school is located on the edge of the forest in the Ngorongoro highlands and is home to the Iraqw people. My two years will be spend helping the students and the school, learning Kiswahili, and learning about the Iraqw tribe.


By Iva Gates

freelance writer

Journey to Africa

By Judith Cothran

More to come...

Solo Work/Volunteer- A girl's tale in Ecuador


I left my career at the Division of Wildlife with the term sabatical weighing heavily on me. I thought, this will be fun- a few months out of my life, I mean completely out of it and on a different planet. Hired as a volunteer Leader, I hopped on a plane, went to a 3 day training and after debarking in the Quito airport and meeting my group I was off to the Amazon jungle for the first time in my life, to Ecuador for the first time in my life followed closely by 16 green volunteers fresh from college.

How Can I Describe It?

By Steven L

I was incredibly fortunate to be awarded with one of Travelocity's grants, and used it to explore the healthcare system of Tanzania. Many thanks to Alison and Suzanne at Travelocity for making all this possible!

Life Lessons From Meet Me At The Conner

By Lynda Smith

Worded in Clothes Closet at a local church, church was going to knock on a 1000 doors on the 1st Saturday in the month. Church would give back to the community by giving out food baskets; providing transportation back to church campus for individuals that needed, job search, job training and/or clothes.

Starting a new organisation

By Olivia Faulkner

I first went out to Tanzania in 2009, where i met a remarkable local man, passionte about helping his country. Since our first meeting he has been registering his new volunteer charity. Two years later it is finally complete. I am going out in July to start the first project; a new nursery school for orphans. Soon we will have set up the volunteer house and be able to run the volunteer programme. It is only the beginning and in a few days I will update this profile with more detail and photos.

A Thousand Acts

By Cathy McCann

There comes a time in most volunteers' experience when one wonders, "What good am I doing? Is this just some privileged person's fantasy of doing good?" The need is so large and so challenging that I feel like I am tilting at windmills.

Health work in Moshi

By Steven L

Coming soon.

Christmas in New Dehli

By Cathy McCann

to come

The children of 'Madre Teresa' in Salvador

By Corinne Risler

As an employee of Sabre Holding, I was awarded with a $5,000 volunteer grant to participate in Travelocity's Travel for Good progam. I signed up for a 2-week placement in Salvador. Brazil still has a lot of poverty in and around the big cities, and after having visited the country as a tourist in the past, I was very excited to serve the community in Salvador.

XANHARU, el camino

By Rich Alvarez

This project has the intention to travel arrround the most distant and unreachable places in America, finding and shering the traditional local medicine that still uses most of the indigenous far away from cities.

The trip is made in different periods of the year, and we use 650cc motorcycles to do it.

XANHARU means "the way" or "the path" in purepecha language, and itś an invitation to discover the several different paths that many people uses in America to assure health.

bless the child

By Thuy Pierre

my dreams is to help the homeless and handicap children , i was in vietnam last year and went to this hospital for children and saw thousands of kids were sick in bed i helped the nurses to feed them and i bought soy milk for all of them . i would like to come back and help them again.

Thank you for reading


Eu adoro Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

By Brian Harley

Like some Americans I knew very little about Brazil before actually going there. To be honest I just knew about the beaches, the landmarks, and the world famous city of Rio de Janeiro with its equally famous Carnval celebration. Needless to say my knowledge on this country was greatly limited, but my interest in it was very high.